New Policies for Terry Fox Facility Entry

Membership to the Terry Fox Facility is now FREE to all members of the Ottawa Lions – but to be FREE all members must be in possession of a City Facility photo ID card.  These cards will all have a “bar code” expiration date for the lengths of your programs.  All Cards are to be tapped on the reader for entry.   Example: Junior Spring Program Members – will have a valid card until June 1 when it expires.  Keep your card and it can be “recharged” when you join for the next program. All Annual Members will have a card that expires on August 31st. Everyone will go through a renewal process in the Fall to reinstate your card’s validity.

Legitimate Club Members will be required to have and use facility photo cards on a regular basis.  Some of you will be in the City system from your memberships of last year.   All new Club members and returning Club Members will be required to get and use a City Facility / Program PHOTO ID CARD.  All this will be conducted at the front desk of Terry Fox by City Staff.  All Coaches will require CARDS.

Questions – with Answers:

  • How do I get my card?  – You must go to the front desk of Terry Fox and get your photo taken and have the card issued and sign a waiver.   If you are a legitimate member of the Club your name will be in their data base.
  • What if my name is not in their data base?  If you are a legitimate member and a mistake has been made you will be sent to see our staff for correction.  If you are not a valid member, you will be sent to see our staff to fill out forms and make payments so that we can correct your card situation for Terry Fox access.
  • What if members forget to bring their cards?  A possible charge for Daily User Fee that is $4.25.  We are seeing if we can make it a simple $2 to wake our members up to the “need to carry a card” situation.
  • What happens when I swipe / tap my card?  Your PHOTO will pop up on the administrative computer for staff to see.  Your card will tell staff that you are a current member of the Lions in good standing or it will tell them that your program / membership has expired.
  • Is anyone above the law of having a CARD?  NO … abide by the rules and respect the efforts being made to improve our situation at Terry Fox.  If you do not have a card – expect to pay or be refused.  Coaches – please comply and support this situation.

Attention: Distance coaches – sending your runners outside the facility without their cards for re-entry – a process has yet to be addressed

  • What if I lose my card?   You will need to get a new one and pay a re-issuing fee.  No one else can use it because of the photo that displays on the staff computers for validation.