Holiday Training Hours

Please be advised that due to the Holiday Season, training times for Ottawa Lions athletes at the Louis Riel Dome will be slightly altered.

The Dome has advised us athletes will be allowed to use the track for $5 on days where the facility is only open half the day. Below you find a complete schedule of the Dome’s opening hours.

Wednesday, December 24th – 8am to 12pm ($5 for OTTL members)
Thursday, December 25th – CLOSED
Friday, December 26th – CLOSED
Saturday, December 27th – 9am to 4pm (regular training times will apply)
Sunday, December 28th – CLOSED
Monday, December 29th – 12pm to 8pm ($5 for OTTL members)
Tuesday, December 30th – 7am to 8pm (regular training times will apply)
Wednesday, December 31st – 7am to 12pm ($5 of OTTL members)
Thursday, January 1st – CLOSED
Friday, January 2nd – TBD
Saturday, January 3rd – Back to regular hours (regular training times will apply)

Should you have any questions, please contact the club office at (613) 247-4886 or via email.