Notice to Membership

Notice to Membership

Date: August 28, 2016

From: Andy McInnis – Head Coach / Director

Re: Club Restructuring & Upcoming Programs (Fall 2016 onward)

We hope all of you have enjoyed the coverage and successes of our team and local heroes in the Rio Olympic Games. We do appreciate your patience as the Club moves towards a new office and program restructuring in the way we do business with all our members. This evolution has slowed down our posting of programs for ages of 12 years and older up to our Masters (40yrs+) members. The programs for 6 to 12 years of age however are fully up and functional. We have been awaiting new information impacting this Fall of 2016 start. The final outcome will however be innovative, flexible and promises the membership an exciting and challenging future in our programs. There will be a more detailed and an informative release coming out this week of August 29 to all and posted to our web site.

For the time being we can tell you the following critical points:

– The Terry Fox Athletics Facility will be “CLOSED” from Monday, August 29 to Friday, September 9th as work on a small project is completed to re-paint all the lane lines, start lines and hurdle markings as well as install new rubber in numerous areas for the field event jumps areas and 100m start area. All this work will be part of many projects to come as we upgrade our home at Terry Fox to host the 2017 and 2018 National Championships in early July. You will see a new equipment building near completion for our new equipment near the 100m start line, a new main gate entrance and new fencing. During September you will be able to see the construction and completion of the new upgrades to the Timing Tower at the Finish Line. There is a lot more to come! (Lights brought up to sport code, video scoreboard, and lot’s of infrastructure renewal)

Programs will be starting on or about September 10th and forward depending on your age and program. Some programs will start as late as Monday, September 19th. The entire Club will be in full swing by this date. Specific Program starts will be posted by the end of this week on our web site.

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