Trillium Foundation Grant Supports New Competition Hurdle Purchase

The Ottawa Lions are pleased to announce the investment of $50,800 for the purchase of 110 new competition hurdles in preparation for our hosting of the 2017/2018 Canadian Track and Field Championships.

The bulk of the investment comes from the generous support of the province through the Ontario Trillium Foundation capital equipment grant. The provincial grant covered $40,700 of the cost, with the remaining funds supplied by the Ottawa Lions.

The new hurdles from Aluminum Athletic Equipment Company are a welcomed edition to the Lions’ arsenal of competition equipment and will help the club continue to deliver the largest complement of track and field competitions in Canada. hurdles-003

The current set of competition hurdles, purchased in 2001 for the hosting of the Francophone Games, will be freed up for training purposes to help develop the next generation of hurdles from the National Capital Region.

The new hurdles, shown at right, will make their competition debut next spring at our annual High School Series.