Message from the President

Dear members,

As you have been made aware, I am now the acting president until we select a permanent board. I have sought help with Athletics Ontario to create a formal and transparent process in our board selection. We want to ensure that we are selecting the best possible board for our long-term success. In order to move forward, in a transparent, unbiased and neutral way, we need to create a nomination committee that will be charged with selecting a slate of candidates for our new board. At which point, the membership will be called in to vote on this slate at a special AGM meeting held later this summer. These 4 to 6 individuals will have the mandate of compiling the application forms, reviewing them, holding interviews and proposing a board slate that will be skills based to ensure the best governing of our club. Gordon Cavé (director at large) and myself will be holding a meeting on Thursday to detail this process and to answer any questions you may have about our path moving forward. We will be putting a special motion forward to create this mandate. We have also invited Paul Osland (CEO of Athletics Ontario) to attend this meeting. He will answer questions and provide an update on the discussions going on at the national level with respect to the safe sport initiatives.

I have a long history with the Club and I want to see it continue as a force, however, be assured that I fully understand our need for a complete cultural overhaul. I am committed to this. We still have a lot of work to do to change our culture. We have a chance to be a leader in the sport world through our commitment to change. We have been given an opportunity to truly create a safe sport environment free of any type of harassment, discrimination and abuse. I hope that you will give me your support moving forward as we endeavour to create a board that will display these values.

Yours truly,

Nathalie Côté
Acting President

Board of Directors Application Form