Large contingent of Lions off to OFSAA East Regional

By Zach Quevillon
The Lions were out in full force this week as they battled to qualify for the OFSAA East Regional Championships next week in Belleville. While there is a long list of qualifiers below, here are some of the highlights.
Luca Nicoletti started things off with a bang and a meet record in the 300m hurdles. His time of 41.72 was over a second faster than the previous mark set by former Lion Geoff Lawson in 2012. Nicoletti would continue his record breaking meet by twice lowering Kevin Nault’s 10 year old record in the sprint hurdles from 14.74 to 14.45. Not to be overlooked in this battle was training partner Andile Mabaleka who also broke the old record in second place, running 14.57. These two will continue to battle all the way to Guelph.
Yannick Meredith is following in his older brother Zachary’s footsteps…. and then some! He lowered his brother’s 400m record in the midget boys category from 51.93 to 51.65. Yannick and Zach (now a senior) both won the 800m in their respective age groups leading us to believe there might be something in the water at the Meredith residence!
Katie Manor and Ellie Munro once again dueled for the junior girls 100m crown. This week with a new results as Katie took off for a new personal best at 12.56 seconds while Ellie was not far behind at 12.83. They traded places in the 200m as Ellie stormed to a new personal best at 26.32. Training partner Audrey Gilmour completed the sprinting trifecta for the ladies with a blistering 400m time of 58.59. Her time was the second fastest of the day among all age categories. Keep an eye on these three moving forward.
Helena Jovic returned from a year abroad to dominate the one lap races among the senior women. Despite crashing hard into hurdle two, she powered back to take the lead with 200m left and won in a 1:04.44. She matched her performance in the open 400m, winning in 58.31. The former OFSAA silver medalist will be looking for more time on the podium in two weeks from now.
On the senior men’s side, the mid distance duo of Joe Fast and Kevin Robertson are still set on cruise control. Under Joe’s tutelage, Kevin has improved immensely this year, going from missing the city meet, to winning handily in the 2000m steeple and edging training partner Joe in the 3000m – 8:40 to Joe’s 8:42. Both have more in the tank and will be fun to watch in the coming weeks. In the 1500m, Joe continued his reign of supremacy at that distance. Leading comfortably from the gun and easing to a 4:05 victory. Training partner Yared Tareke impressed all with his silver medal time of 4:11. After his first year of training, Yared is confirming the heaps of potential he has demonstrated.
Lions Hurdles also reigned supreme as David Adeleye and Lee Jean both won in convincing fashion capturing new personal bests – 14.49 for Adeleye and 55.20 for Jean.
To note all of the highlights would require a larger RAM storage card in my computer. This weekend the Lions continue to prepare for the challenges ahead. You can support them in Belleville next week or by following results online. Good luck to all and remember: we’re not done yet, not even close!
The future is bright!!

OFSAA East Qualifiers

Midget girls

Samantha Sharp  100m + 200m + 400m
Emily Brennan 400m + 300mH + Javelin
Cassidy Bradley 400m + 800m
Charlotte Murchison 800m +1500m
Gillian Porter 800m + 1500m + 300mh
Freya Hurst 800m
Isabelle Honegger 1500m + 3000m
Junior Girls
Katie Manor 100m + 200m
Ellie Munro 100m + 200m
Audrey Gilmour 100m + 400m
Mattson Strickler 400m
Jalena Marelic 400m + 300mh
Zoe Gardiner 800m + 1500m
Elana Tyman 800m
Vienna Courteau 80mh + Long Jump
Amelia Wojtyk 80mh + Pole Vault + 2000m steeplechase
Samantha Wiseberg 300mh
Chloe Maine Pole Vault + High Jump
Amie Bah Triple Jump
Senior Girls
Paulina Procyk 100m + 200m
Helena Jovic 200m + 400m + 400mh
Doyin Ogunremi 200m + 400m
Erin McInerney 400m
Olivia Macaskill 1500m + 3000m + 2000m steeplechase
Katie Newlove 1500m + 3000m
Skye Pellerin 15000m + 3000m + 2000m steeplechase
Jaden Francis 100mh + 400mh
Mackenzie Kitchen High Jump
Eleni Pantieras Pole Vault
Emma Dobson Takoff Long Jump + Triple Jump
Brianna Asiamah Shot Put + Discus
Kaitlyn Effenberger Shot Put
Madison Maclean Javelin + Shot Put
Hailey Gibbons Discus Throw
Midget Boys
Luca Nicoletti 100m + 100m hurdles + 300m hurdles
Charles Asselin 100m
Kaiden Albert 200m
Yannick Meredith 400m + 800m
Thomas Kukla Colby 400m
Manuel Fernandez 800m + 1500m
Kyle Porter 1500m + 3000m
Toby Welburn 1500m
Andile Mabaleka 100m hurdles + 300m hurdles
Junior Boys
Dani Hassan 100m + 200m
Donovan Tran 100m
Sam Robinson 100m + 200m
Alexander Cholmsky 200m + 400m + 300mh
Keito Newman 400m + 100mh
Andrew Taylor 400m + 800m
Owen Pensom 800m +1500m
Sebastien Cino 1500m + 3000m
Jack Hayden 1500m
Cameron Porter 3000m
Max Forzley 300mh
Reggie Bruno High Jump + Long Jump
Senior Boys
Ben Robinson 100m
Zach Bryant 100m
David Adeleye 100m + 200m + 110mh
Matthieu Rustom 200m + 400m
Shea Mchale 400m
Zach Meredith 400m + 800m
Jackson Roy 800m + 1500m
Yared Tareke 800m + 1500m
Thomas Pollock 800m
Joe Fast 1500m + 3000m
Adam Sanger 1500m + 3000m
Kevin Robertson 3000m + 2000m Steeplchase
Will Cox 3000m + 2000m Steeplechase
Lee Jean 110mh + 400mh
Fabrice Nonez 400mh
Hervey Chateau High Jump
Jesus Bustillos Castillo Pole Vault
Joshua Foster Long Jump + Triple Jump
Brandon Ovington Shot Put + Discus Throw
Sebastien Tremblay Shot Put + Discus
Wariso Dullo Javelin
Colby Frost Steeplechase