Eastern Ontario Elementary XC Registration

Click on appropriate age category to download necessary registration form.

Instructions on how to submit your registration forms, entry deadlines and fees can be found below.

Race Time Age Groups
Individual & Teams
10:30 am 8 & 9 Year Old Girls 2000 metres
11:00 am 8 & 9 Year Old Boys 2000 metres
11:30 am 10 & 11 Year Old Girls 2500 metres
12:00 pm 10 & 11 Year Old Boys 2500 metres
12:30 pm 12 & 13 Year Old Girls 3000 metres
1:00 pm 12 & 13 Year Old Boys 3000 metres

To submit entry form, please follow following steps:

Step 1: Download Registration Form from the web site
Step 2: Save the form to your hard drive
Step 3: Complete the form, including credit card information, and save it as “Registration_Form_NAME_OF_SCHOOL”
Step 4: Attached the saved registration form to email and send to: meetentry@ottawalions.com

Registration Deadlines

1. Wednesday, October 11th – 9:00 pm
For teams and individuals at the Oct. 11th rates posted below. All Entry Fees are paid at the time of Entry via Credit Card online and email using the Championship Entry Forms. They can also be hand delivered directly to the main administration building at the Terry Fox Athletic Facility at Mooney’s Bay. We will accept only MasterCard and Visa.

2. “On the Day” LATE ENTRY. Registration must be completed 1 hour BEFORE the schedule age group race start time. BE EARLY. Registration will be accepted on Race Day @ $25 Cash paid per athlete. Entry and payment must be completed 1 hr. before the race

Entry Fees:

$100.00           MAXIMUM SCHOOL FEE – (Best Deal) For full School Participation
– Entry is due by Oct. 11th (9:00 pm)
4 to 10 athletes in each of the 6 age group races can compete. A maximum of 60 athletes can run for a school for this fee.
$30.00 One Team Entry per Age Group – 4 to 10 athletes per team.
If a school enters more than 3 teams you should use the Max School Fee

Team Entry(s) is due on or before the October 11th (9pm).
$15.00 For individual Athlete Entry.
Entry is due by October 11th (9pm).
Entries received after 9pm on Oct. 12th will be assigned the late entry fee ($25). Late entries can be emailed with payment on Oct. 13th to 4 pm. After this, entries will be made on the day of the championships (see instructions above).
$25.00 Late Entry Deadline / Per Individual Athlete
Entry after 9pm Wednesday, October 11th or on Race Day