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“Those who know, do. Those that understand, coach” – Aristotle.

The Ottawa Lions Track and Field Club offer coaches and teachers opportunities to increase their knowledge and understanding of track and field. We offer National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) courses as well as coaching seminars and mini-clinics. Our aim is to better the level of track and field knowledge in the Ottawa-Carleton Region so as to offer more and better opportunities for our young athletes.

We currently offer three NCCP courses:

  • Club Coach
  • Sport Coach
  • Run Jump and Throw

NCCP courses involve 14 to 17 hours of instruction and are offered on weekends. Completion of a course gives the coach a “trained” NCCP status for that course. To become fully certified a coach must be evaluated. An overview of the certification process can be found here at Athletics Canada Coach Pathway. Full information on the coaching courses and the evaluation process can be found on the Athletics Canada website.

The Ottawa Lions also offer seminars and clinics for coaches and athletes. Early in the high school season we offer short technical sessions aimed at helping high school athletes and their coaches. We also offer seminars on specific topics that will give coaches access to the latest in coaching methods.