Junior Development Program

2015-16 Junior Development Program Information

2015 – 2016 GROUPS:

Middle Distance (12-14): 800M – 3000M & Cross Country

Speed / Power (12-14): Sprints (100-400M), Hurdles (60MH – 300MH), Jumps (LJ, HJ), Throw (Intro)

General (14-17): Sprints (100-400M), Hurdles (60MH – 300MH), Jumps (LJ, HJ), Throws (Intro)

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ANNUAL SEP 7 – JUL 27 Terry Fox & Dome $1470.00
FALL SEP 7 – NOV 28 Terry Fox & Dome $625.00
WINTER NOV 30 – FEB 27 Dome $625.00
SPRING FEB 29 – MAY 28 Dome & Terry Fox $625.00
SUMMER MAY 30 – JUL 27 Terry Fox $625.00

* Terry Fox Facility – Mooney’s Bay – 2960 Riverside Drive – May 1st to October 24th
** Dome – 1659 Bearbrook Rd. – Blackburn Hamlet – October 26th to April 30th

  • This program is offered 3 times per week. Athletes should attend a minimum of 2 sessions a week to benefit from the programing.
  • Many use this program as cross training to optimize their physical abilities in other sports.

TRAINING DATES & TIMES: Click on the season description for details.

Season Ages Groups
Junior Development Sept. 7 to Nov 28 12 to 14 & 14 to 17
Junior Development Nov. 30 to Feb. 27 12 to 14 & 14 to 17
Junior Development Feb 29 to May 28 12 to 14 & 14 to 17
Junior Development May 30 to Jul 27 12 to 14 & 14 to 17

Payment Options:

  • Payment of fees due upon registration

Administrative Financial Fee (Effective October 1st, 2015)

For those members who choose to pay their membership fees using a credit card and subdivided into multiple charges over several months, these subsequent payments will be subject to an administrative user fee of $5.00 per payment assessed after the first initial payment.

We do not accept American Express but will accept Visa or MasterCard.

Other forms of payment accepted for memberships are debit cards, cheques, post-dated cheques for multiple membership fee payments or cash when paid in full.

E-Transfers are now accepted as well.  The membership form must be submitted in advance of our receiving the E-Transfer.

Multiple Payment Options for Annual Membership Fees.

Members can do a maximum of 2 to 5 payments with pre-approval by the manager of the program they are enrolling in.  The number of payments will dependent on the time of the year enrollment.

Multiple Payment Options for Semi-Annual or Seasonal Junior Program Fees.

Members can do a maximum of 2 to 3 payments with pre-approval by the manager of the program they are enrolling in.  The number of payments will dependent on the time of the year enrollment.

Payments will not exceed the annual maximum. EX.: An athlete having participated in 2 seasons ($625 + $625 = $1250) will only owe $220 for the remainder of the year for a grand total of $1470 (September to August).

For more information:

Telephone:    613-247-4886

Email: apage@ottawalions.com
Website: www.ottawalions.com


Athletes receive:

  • The best coaching and technical leadership
  • Membership to Athletics Ontario for those competing in Provincial Championships
  • A seasonal pass to the Terry Fox Facility at Mooney’s Bay
  • Access to the Dome @ Louis Riel during club training hours
  • Reduced entry fees to Ottawa Indoor Series and Summer Twilight Series
  • Travel, accommodation coordination and administrative support for all club sanctioned events for both ATHLETES and PARENTS.
  • For those annual & summer membership athletes who attend competitions:The Club will supply a uniform (top & bottom) and a t-shirt.  The uniform items belong to the Club and are to be worn in all Club organized competitions and championships.  No modifications to the uniform will be accepted.  The uniform is to be cleaned and maintained by the athlete.  Should the items be damaged or lost, the athlete will be required to purchase and replace the item from the Club.  Every 2 years the Club will consider replacement of the competition uniform items on the return of the items to the Club by the athlete.
  • A T-shirt will be presented to all seasonal members.
  • Club uniforms are NOT TO BE WORN during training times.
  • Additional club gear will be available for purchase on a seasonal basis by GADAR.
  • The LIONS do provide EMPLOYMENT opportunities for H.S. and University students.

Membership Obligations:

  • Athletes must abide by the “Club Policies” that can be found on the website.
    • Conduct
    • Travel
  • Issued Competition Club Uniform must be worn at all club organized meets and championships.
  • All ANNUAL and SUMMER members are encouraged to compete in their respective National and Provincial Championship when qualified.

Over the course of the year, the club hosts many track meets. Athletes are encouraged, when not competing, to volunteer. These events provide athletes with some of the best competitive opportunities without having to leave town. They act as fund raisers and contribute to the clubs ability to provide quality services. When volunteering, you will gain valuable resume building experience as well as helping to fulfill the high school volunteer hours required to graduate.

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