Competitive Program

2017-18 General Information

Online registration will be available as of September 1

* Terry Fox Facility – Mooney’s Bay – 2960 Riverside Drive – April 24th to October 31st
** Dome – 1659 Bearbrook Rd. – Blackburn Hamlet – November 1st to April 23rd

CONTACT: HEAD COACH – ANDY MCINNIS for all inquiries and event group / event coach placements /

Training Times



Monday & Tuesday & Wednesday & Thursday

Training between 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
(Depending on group and coach)

General Training Sessions – 2 Hours


Training between 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM
(Depending on group and coach)

General Training Sessions – 2 Hours

  • Training DAYS and TIMES will vary depending on the group, coach and the season
  • Competitions – As part of the competitive stream, athletes are encouraged to compete in their Provincial Championship and National Championships when qualified as well as all locally hosted events.

Payments will not exceed the annual maximum. EX.: An athlete having participated in FALL/WINTER will only owe the difference for the remainder of the season.


Athletes receive:

  • The best coaching and technical leadership
  • Use of training equipment at the Dome and Terry Fox Athletics Facility
  • Membership to our Provincial Sport Body / Athletics Canada as of May 1 of each year
  • For Funded Athletes (PSO / NSO Programs) Membership will be provided as of January 1 st of each year
  • A seasonal pass to the Terry Fox Facility at Mooney’s Bay
  • Access to the Dome @ Louis Riel during club training hours  Reduced entry fees to Ottawa Indoor Series and Summer Twilight Series
  • Travel and accommodation coordination and administrative support for all club sanctioned events
  • Entry Fees paid to both Provincial and National Championships
  • Athletes in the U20 and Open Categories will receive accommodations for their National Championships for 4 night period (shared) when the respective entry standards have been achieved.
  • Athletes in the above categories who medal in the U20 & Open National Championships will receive a membership bonus credit for the following year’s membership. (as of September 2016)
    • GOLD – $700
    • SILVER – $600
    • BRONZE – $500

For those annual & summer membership athletes who attend competitions

  • The Club will supply a uniform (top & bottom) and a t-shirt. The uniform items belong to the Club and are to be worn in all Club organized competitions and championships. No modifications to the uniform will be accepted. The uniform is to be cleaned and maintained by the athlete. Should the items be damaged or lost, the athlete will be required to purchase and replace the item from the Club. Every 2 years the Club will consider replacement of the competition uniform items on the return of the items to the Club by the athlete.
  • A T-shirt will be presented to all seasonal members.
  • Additional club gear will be available for purchase on a seasonal basis by GADDAR.
  • The LIONS do provide EMPLOYMENT opportunities for H.S. and University students.A seasonal pass to the Terry Fox Facility at Mooney’s Bay

Membership Obligations:

  • Athletes must abide by the “Club Policies” that can be found on the website.
    • Conduct
    • Travel
  • Issued Competition Club Uniform must be worn at all club organized meets and championships.