Run SWAT Run

If you are looking for a training program that will give you an edge for physical preparedness in your adult recreational sports leagues or general overall running fitness, then you have come to the right place – the RUN S.W.A.T. RUN Program. Through this program you will become a better athlete in the sport of your choice, and enhance your overall running fitness. Under the direction of nationally certified coaches, the program will optimize your athleticism and teach the biomechanics required for proper running form.

The program implements:

Basic speed Quickness
Speed endurance Plyometrics
Cardiovascular endurance Sport injury prevention
Explosive power Flexibility
Nutrition information Sport psychology
Sport specific circuit training Sport Specific Strength training
Extreme core work Agility, mobility & balance enhancement

The RUN S.W.A.T. Run Program will allow you to reach a higher level of personal physical excellence and become the best you have ever been!


  • 25 year old Female University student: member of the Ottawa Irish Rugby Club; recreational soccer and volleyball player.

“I enrolled in the SWAT program in order to increase my speed, work on my running technique, strength and fitness as well as prepare for an upcoming rugby season. I was amazed at how comprehensive each session was and the work-out was better than any session at the gym or sports practice. In addition, the certified coaches provide individualized guidance throughout. SWAT has definitely increased my strength. I enjoy this program because it’s great exercise; it’s transferable to various other sports and because it’s fun; coaches and fellow participants help me forget how hard I’m working.”

  • 41 year old male federal employee: active rugby player & participant for the last 4 years.

“The SWAT program has enabled me to improve my physical conditioning, running technique and flexibility. SWAT has also enabled me to keep in shape in the off season, and “stay in the game” I love. This was accomplished with knowledgeable coaching staff who have created a friendly training environment and an innovative program that will challenge and motivate you to be the best you can be in whatever sport or activity interest you have.”

  • 40 year old female Lawyer: mother of 2 young daughters.

“As a very active athlete, I was seeking a challenge. Approximately 7 years ago, I enrolled in the SWAT program when it was just beginning – to improve on fitness, power and speed. At that time, my goals were not defined, but in 2010, I decided to run the Ottawa half marathon. With the help of the SWAT program – which tailored workouts to increase speed endurance – I was able to place first in my age group! I continue to enjoy the program today and hope to maintain my fitness goals with the help of the SWAT program and serve as a role model for my daughters.”

  • 36 year old HVAC Sales Engineer; married father of 2; former member of Queen’s University Varsity Hockey & Varsity Wrestling programs.

“I enrolled in the SWAT program looking to increase my speed and quickness for the various sports that I play. I was surprised to find that my knees, which have been troublesome in the past, felt better than they had in years. My speed greatly increased, as well as my athletic endurance. My overall fitness increased, and I lost weight while increasing my core strength. I enjoy the program because as I get older, there are more demands on my time, and I need to find ways to maximize my workouts. This program has without a doubt been the most effective training I have done in years. The coach’s qualifications are readily evident in the variety of workouts and the way in which the sessions build as they progress. They are very aware of the potential for injuries, and include preventative measures to ensure continued health, and are always ready to modify a workout to help speed recovery. I would recommend this program without reservation to anyone who is looking to realize real results in their other activities, or is looking to get the most out of their workout time.”

Program Details and Dates

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