Speed For Sport

2019-20 Speed for Sport INFO

Please email: cbranch@ottawalions.com with a bit about yourself, your sport, and your goals. 14+.

The Speed Development & Sports Conditioning Program (“Speed for Sport”) is designed to bring the expertise of track & field coaching to young athletes who aspire to achieve greater success in explosive sports such as hockey, soccer, football, rugby, lacrosse, court sports, alpine and cross-country skiing and many others. The program will lay the cornerstone of athleticism required for the metabolic and kinematic demands of the athlete’s sport. This is accomplished by exposing the athlete to a variety of intensive training elements that include speed enhancement, quickness, explosive power, physical and mental strength, balance, endurance, flexibility, spatial awareness, agility and functional muscle mobility. Each session will present a different training focus that will build on the previous sessions as well as accommodate the sport specific and individual training needs of each athlete.

The most fundamental element for success in all track & field events is the same as in all sports: SPEED! This Program is based on the theories and practices that produced the ultimate Masters of SPEED, the Olympic track and field champions. Coaches in all sports turn to Track & Field theories and practices to learn about the physical training requirements for speed development.  Strength training and other physical training methods have limited success unless the young athlete can convert them into speed. This Program gives the young athlete the opportunity to train with nationally certified track & field coaches who specialize in this type of speed development training.

SPORTS TEAMS: Off-site and on-site programs can be arranged for teams upon request.


CTV News Profile: http://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=407720

Father 16yr Alpine Ski Racer: “My 16 year old son was introduced to this Speed for Sport program through a fellow alpine ski racer. At first we weren’t sure if a track based program would be the best fit for off season training, but quickly learned this program has a lot of carry over to many sports. Key elements are broken down to focus on speed, balance, explosive power etc. which are hard to find in other training programs. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and are constantly motivating the athletes to perform at their best. Positive reinforcement and a high level of energy is evident at every speed training session. The athletes work very hard in these condensed sessions, which gives them not only the physical, but mental edge when they return to their respective sports. Speed for Sport is a very unique program that elite athletes in Ottawa are lucky to have available to them. “

Parents & Sons 15yr /17yr (Speed Skating): “Having had the opportunity to train with the Speed for Sport program, coached by nationally certified caches and associates, has brought our speed skating and overall athleticism to a whole new level, both mentally and physically.  The motivation attained during every single training session was incomparable to any other.  We found ourselves able to re-connect and feel the changes that such training made in our overall athletic capabilities (faster, fitter and overall
better athletes). The coaching style and enthusiasm has been long-lasting and a critical component to our lasting motivation in training.” 

“The coaches utilize all the important principles off speed, efficiency, explosiveness, power and endurance into any athletic movement used during training sessions and emphasize on the importance of general fitness as a whole (Mental & Physical). Furthermore, the athlete / Coaches’ relationship felt during any given sessions is unparalleled and serves as a testament of their unwavering desire to simply
develop better athletes. Trust, Fun, Hard Work, Results and Appreciativeness are words that best describe how we feel about our involvement in such program!”

Mother 18yr hockey player: “Our son has been participating in the Speed for Sport program for the past 3 summers. Every year he looks forward to this program during the off season from hockey. He describes the Coaches as motivating, intense, professional, and personal. He has the utmost respect for their coaching. Truthfully, we have never seen him drenched in sweat and as physically exhausted as when he leaves the track at the end of each of these workouts. We have also never seen the same powerful results in such a short time from anything else he has participated in. He enjoys working with athletes from other sports in this program. These coaches bring out the best in their athletes and put 100% effort into every session. We can’t recommend this program enough. Our son is heading into his Jr A training camp feeling strong, fast, and confident thanks to these amazing coaches and this program.”

HOCKEY: Ryan Steeves, Lawyer (Yale University Graduate & AHL/NHL hockey player)
“I have known and trained with the coaches for years. Their approach to elite-level sport training is fresh, extremely demanding, and very effective. As today’s athletes continue to get bigger, stronger and faster, their program recognizes the importance not only keeping up, but finding ways to get better. There are a lot of programs out there, and I’ve been under the guidance of many different strength coaches (including at the NCAA and NHL levels). But that said, these coaches have combined their individual expertise to develop a top-tier program that focuses on one of the most important elements for achieving success at an elite level: speed. Both coaches are very cerebral in their preparation and approach to training; and combining that mentality with their atural desire to watch their athletes literally make “leaps” and “bounds”, translates to meaningful and noticeable results. The atmosphere at their training sessions is fun, instructive, and always demanding. Whether it involves hurdles on the track, rubber bands tied to your ankles, plyometrics on the beach, or the never-ending core circuits, the result is the same: you feel like you got better. I never hesitate to encourage young athletes to try the Speed for Sport program.”

Father of 16 yr. old football player
The Speed for Sport program has really helped my son develop his explosiveness off the start, acceleration and speed endurance.  Who knew that he would not just be getting faster and stronger, but overall becoming a better athlete. The coaching and atmosphere is positive where you have elite athletes from different sports (hockey, soccer, tennis, skiing) working out in the same environment, and all with the same mind set and goal – to be bigger, stronger, and faster. Champions are made in the countless hours of training in the off-season when no one is looking. That’s what you get with the Speed for Sport program.   This is a development program where elite athletes separate themselves from the pack and make coaches notice them.  The training and development one receives with Speed for Sport program not only accelerates their physical development, but also puts them into a competitive environment.

– Father of 14 yr old Alpine Ski Racer
Our daughter, an elite competitive ski racer, has been enrolled in Speed for Sport for the past 3 years.  The Speed for Sport program has guided her training program on and off season to optimize her physical strength and agility as well as her emotional intelligence and attitude toward training and performance.   After a very serious water ski accident, Speed For Sport ensured she could return to peak performance as quickly and safely as possible for the ski season.  The coaches at Speed for Sport partner with the athlete and parents to ensure efficient and successful development. Our daughter will continue with the program for years to come.