Vision, Mission and Values


  • To foster and support outstanding athletes and encourage increased participation in the sport of Athletics (Track & Field).
  • To promote and develop the sport of track & field both in Canada and within the National Capital Region.
  • To cooperate with other groups, agencies, and organizations at the national, provincial and local level that have as goals the development or use of track & field as a highly competitive sport, as a recreational activity, or as a means to foster health.
  • To provide technical and administrative leadership and direction to all elements of the sport.
  • To establish a rational system of athlete development that ensures the conditions necessary to produce, on an ongoing basis, athletes of the ability required for Canadian teams in international competition.
  • To manage programs and facilities that will ensure the attainment of aforementioned objects.


  • To provide the most comprehensive and progressive Athletics (Track & Field) club program in Canada and to raise the profile and prestige of the sport of track & field.
  • To work to ensure that facilities, both indoor and outdoor, together with appropriate competition and training equipment are available for the proper conduct of programs.
  • To be a national centre of excellence in track & field


  • Athletics (Track & Field) is the basis for all sport and human movement. Our programs are to be athlete focused, led by expert coaching and based on a holistic approach to the individual’s needs from grass roots to elite.
  • An effective organization committed to strong leadership, efficient administration and sound business principles; A sporting environment that is fun, inclusive, equitable, ethical and drug free