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Ages 6 to 11

Specific Information Dates Registration Form
Cross Country Sept 7 to Oct 19
Online Registration
Fall Speed/Power Sept 7 to Oct 19
Online Registration
Winter I Oct 22 to Dec 12 Online Registration
Winter II Jan 6 to Feb 22 Online Registration
Winter III Feb 24 to Apr 23 Online Registration
Spring I Apr 27 to Jun 20 Online Registration
Summer Speed/Power Jun 23 to Jul 23 Online Registration
Summer Camp Jul 2 to Aug 23 Online Registration

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Our Programs

General Description

The Ottawa Lions Track & Field Club has been offering specific programs for youth over the past twenty years. During this time, we have continued to develop and improve our programs. Our current programs provide children with opportunities to develop and improve their athletic abilities while having fun.

Youth Program 2Our philosophy is that young athletes should develop a wide variety of sport skills. This will result in children with diverse athletic proficiencies and a higher likelihood of them finding a life-long sport. We encourage parents to expose their children to as many sports as possible.

Ideal for young athletes participating in any sport, our program targets the basic skills of running, jumping, and throwing that are an intrinsic part of almost every sport. Improving these abilities will transfer to increased performance in almost any sport.

We also address the physical challenges of our growing youth by applying progressive motor skill development, combined with physical strength training, to enhance performance potentials for all sports.

Our Youth programs have two distinct flavours. In the 6-8 age range, we concentrate on building the fundamental movements that are the basis of success in any sport, while not forgetting our Track & Field roots. We stress locomotion, stability, and manipulative skills that are common to most sports. The emphasis on constant activity makes for a fun experience for the child, while insuring gains in fitness.

Children aged 8-12 participate in a program based on Athletics Canada’s popular “Run Jump Throw” program. We concentrate on developing the ability to run, jump and throw correctly in these young athletes. At the same time, we expose the athletes to most of the Olympic Track & Field events, and encourage them to develop their ability to perform and enjoy these events. This emphasis allows children to gain knowledge of Track & Field and also develop the skills of running, jumping and throwing that are common to so many sports.

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Skill Development

Our athletes show improved running, jumping, and throwing techniques. As well, they learn the basic techniques of most Track & Field events.

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 Improves Self Confidence

Our program gives children the confidence they need to challenge themselves.

 Perfect Off-Season Training

No matter which sport you coach, we can teach your athletes the fundamentals and techniques of running, jumping and throwing, so you can focus on the specific skills of your sport. Our youth program is a great way to keep your young athletes in shape during the summer and off-season, and enhance their core skills.

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Dedicated Staff

Our programs depend on the quality of our counsellors. All our staff is experienced. They all are certified in Run Jump Throw and First Aid. Qualified coaches lead the young athletes through a broad base skills method in what is a dynamic, fun, nurturing and cooperative approach to youth development. All staff members have undergone a police check.

Great Coach to Child Ratio

The minimum coach to child ratio is 1:10.

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Specific Program Information

During the school year, we offer six to eight week programs, with the option of athletes attending once or twice per week.

Fall Cross Country Program

The fall Cross Country Program is a six-week program, developed for children aged 8-13. It teaches them the proper techniques for cross country running, and prepares them for their school championships.

Fall Power Speed Program

The fall Power Speed Program is a six-week program designed to combine training for the basic skills of running, jumping, throwing with building off-season fitness for any sport.

Winter I, II and Spring I, II

Our winter and spring programs run for eight weeks and are designed to teach the fundamental skills of running, jumping, and throwing, and expose the children to Track & Field. Children improve in all aspects of physical conditioning in a fun way.

Summer Power Speed Program
The summer Power Speed Program is a five-week program designed to combine training for the basic skills of running, jumping, throwing with building off-season fitness for any sport.

Summer Camps

We offer six weeks of summer camp. These are one-week sport camps with mornings dedicated to running, jumping and throwing, and Track & Field. The afternoon session covers a number of other sports, as well as games and crafts.

Spring School Programs

We offer Track & Field programs to elementary schools in our region. These programs expose students to a wide variety of athletic skills and events that would not otherwise be offered in their schools.

Sports Club Training

We offer club sport teams sport-specific run, jump, throw training.


Please contact Richard Johnston, Director of Youth Programs for further details at:



Dates: May 1st– October 30thTerry Fox
Terry Fox Athletic Complex
2960 Riverside Drive
Beside Mooney’s BayPark


  • 400m outdoor track
  • Jumping pits
  • Throwing fields


Dome @ Louis Riel
1659 Bearbrook Road
Dates: October 30th – April 30th

Louis Riel Dome


              • 400m indoor track
              • Jumping pits
              • Throwing area

Barrhaven Location: Ottawa Christian School

255 Tartan Drive, Barrhaven
Dates: October 20th– April 30th

Ottawa Christian School

                  • Full gymnasium
                  • Jumping pits

Special Rates

FAMILY- 50% OFF for the third registration from a family

TEAMS– 15% OFF for three or more members of the same team who register in one of our programs