Aspire Program


born in 2003/2004

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Annual Program Sep 10 to Jul 25 Online Registration
Fall Sep 10 to Oct 27 Online Registration
Winter 1 Oct 29 to Dec 15 Online Registration
Winter 2 Jan 7 to Mar 7
Online Registration
Spring 1 Mar 18 to May 30
Online Registration
Spring 2 Apr 29 to Jun 1
Online Registration
Summer Jun 3 to Jul 25 Online Registration

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General Description

These programs introduce and build on the ongoing improvements of athletes by their physical capacity. Development of physical capacity is the root of this program. Athletes will be exposed to the qualities required for event(s) successes. We will find out what they enjoy and with what and where their potentials lay.

The acquisition of fundamental skills and repetition that is essential for quality performances required in specific events will be initiated. The principles of versatility will be continually applied as an objective to develop higher quality coordination levels of elements of event techniques to be mastered over time. Also considered are the factors regarding age, training background and performance levels as they move gradually from simple to complicated, easy to difficult and the known to the unknown.

This approach will guarantee a capacity to function smoothly with the body adapting to training and competitive loads. These practices have significant implications on both the speed and endurance functional efficiency of young athletes.

Our programs will also challenge young minds and their character through training. Many valued qualities are formed during the course of training, learned efforts and competitions. Attitude towards training, work, determination, initiative, persistence and a conscious devotion to health and self-confidence are the intended outcomes.

We offer programs throughout the year for the multi-sport athlete to be able to participate when their seasons are on a break. We also allow an annual program for athletes to be exposed to a more complete and complex annual progressions of development, setting up the next steps of athletics to yet come.
We offer identified event development through demonstrated potential via 2 approaches:

  • Endurance – Event Development – Long Sprints, Middle Distance, Distance, Steeple Chase , Race Walks
  • Speed / Power – Event Development – Sprints, Hurdles, Horizontal Jumps, Vertical Jumps, Throws