Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any circumstance where meets/practices won’t run because of inclement weather?

Short answer: No.
Long answer: We have an outdoor and an indoor training facility. During our outdoor training, there is always a chance of cold, rain, etc. We will always be here, so just ensure that you are equipped with enough clothing for any weather.
In cases of extreme weather (thunder, lightening, etc.) we will take proper precautions to ensure that no athlete is endangered. Use your discretion if you do not feel the weather is safe for you or your child. However, if we have not formally cancelled a session, there will be no make-up date/refunds available.

Can I train while my child is?

Short answer
: Yes.
Long answer: During our outdoor training at the Terry Fox Athletic Facility, the venue is suited for parents to either pay the entrance fee with the City of Ottawa, or enjoy the parks and paths surrounding the venue during their child(ren)’s practice time.
During our indoor training at the Dome @ Louis-Riel, because of the size of the venue, we do not allow parents to train during Ottawa Lions practice hours. There are a number of City of Ottawa facilities located in close proximity to the Dome for winter training purposes (see:

What equipment does my child require for training/competing?

Short answer: t-shirt, shorts, running shoes, and a water bottle.
Long answer: extra clothes for inclement weather (sweat pants and sweater for warm up, rain jacket, extra clothes/shoes for after a rainy practice), distance athletes may want a cheap timing watch (can usually find at Walmart for under $30)
“Spikes” – as an athlete gets more competitive they may look into event-specific shoes for competitive purposes. This is not a requirement to have to take part in any of our programs or competitions. Please talk to a coach prior to purchasing to ensure you know what you are looking for.

Do I need a membership card?
Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: At our outdoor training location at the Terry Fox Athletic Facility, all athletes require a membership pass which can be picked up at the front desk of the facility. This card is included in all of our membership fees. To be able to obtain a card, you must be a current member of the club. So if you have not yet paid your fees, you will not be able to get a card.
At our indoor training location at the Dome @ Louis-Riel, there are no membership cards. However, you will need to check-in upon arrival with our staff at the entrance to the track before training time.

Does my child need to come to the same training days each week?
Short answer: No.
Long answer: For our Youth programs (6-11), athletes will need to attend the same training days each week. If there needs to be a change, you will need to contact the Youth Program Coordinator, Richard Johnston @
For our Junior programming (12-16), there are four training time slots available. We recommend athletes attend the same time slots each week to get consistency in their training. However, we do encourage athletes of this age group to continue training with other sports. So, if there is a conflict, athletes are always welcome to attend another training session that same week.

Can my 11 year old join the Foundation Program (12-13)?

Short answer: No.
Long answer: Our programs are built to foster a love for track and field and athleticism from a young age. If a child can start in the Youth program this is the most beneficial place for them to be. We do not believe in rushing kids into a mindset/competitive style that they are not yet physically, mentally, or emotionally ready for. Despite what athletic achievements they may already have, starting out in track and field, and learning the basic techniques and style of training is fundamental for any sport. If your child wants to be successful in track and field, or other sports, our Youth program is the correct place for them to start.

Do you have programs that run all year long?

Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: During the spring, summer, and fall we train at the Terry Fox Athletic Facility by Mooney’s Bay and during the winter we train at the Louis-Riel Dome in Gloucester. Programs for all ages run From September until the end of July while days camps run through the summer months of July and August.

Do you have programs for all ages?

Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: Our youth programs start at 6 years of age, we do not allow children under 6 years of age to train with the club. We also have programs for school aged children, as well as adults of all ages.

Is there parking available for at your facilities?

Short answer: Yes
Long answer: The Terry Fox Athletic Facility has on site parking at 2960 Riverside Drive, Ottawa. It also has 4 designated accessible parking spaces. The louis-Riel dome also has plenty of on-site parking.

Will my child be doing different events?

Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: In our youth programs, kids are exposed to as many different events as possible. They typically do 2 events per practice and make their way through all the jumps and throws throughout the duration of a session all the while spending a large amount of time working on running technique. Foundation and aspire aged athletes are grouped into either endurance or power/speed groups. Within the power speed group, athletes are exposed to many events including jumps. In all cases, athletes are welcome to try different events.