Trio of global champions lead Lions into World Championships

The 2018 World Masters Athletics Championships kick off early tomorrow morning in Malaga, a port city in the south of Spain. The event, which features a full slate of events for athletes 35 and above over the course of 12 days of competition, will include an octet of Lions. The group is headlined by past world champions Wendy Alexis, Kim Ethier and Lawrence Williams.

Alexis, a multiple world medalist indoors and out will battle for gold in both the 100m and 200m events. Although she missed the global outdoor championships two years ago in Australia, Alexis is the reigning world silver medalist indoors over 60 and 200 metres. As well, seasonal bests of 13.92 and 29.22 seconds  over 100 and 200 metres respectively should put another gold well within the grasp of the 63 year old teacher.

Looking to defend her golden performance from two years ago will be Kim Ethier. The 50 year old massage therapist has moved up an age category after claiming victory in the  women’s 45 javelin competition in Australia. In addition to the javelin, Ethier will be displaying her heptathlon heritage as she also competes in the 80 metre hurdles, long jump and high jump in Malaga. She was a finalist in each event two years ago.

Former world champion Lawrence Williams will be looking to improve upon his pair of top eight finishes from two years ago as he lines up in his specialties – the 200 and 400 metres. While the 48 year old Williams skipped the Canadian Masters Championships, he is the top ranked Canadian in the men’s 45 200 metres with a time of 24.31 seconds. He has raced sparingly over 400 metres, entering with a seasonal best of 54.34 seconds.

Also competing from the Lions is Serge Faucher, a relay medalist at last year’s indoor championship, will contest the sprinting trebel in the men’s 50 category. Leslie Estwick posted three top eight performances in Australia and will be in the hunt for a medal as she competes in the women’s 55 long jump, high jump, 80 metre hurdles.

Natasha Dupuis and Hazel Harding will also contest three events each. Dupuis is scheduled to run in the women’s 35 100m, 200m and 400m while Harding will run the 200m, 400m and 800m. Rounding out the squad is Rob Muir who will only contest the 1500m.

For a full schedule of events (all times local):

Kim Ethier Leslie Estwick Wendy Alexis Natasha Dupuis Serge Faucher Hazel Harding Rob Muir Lawrence Williams
W50 W55 W60 W35 M50 W45 M50 M45
100m Sep 5 12h30 Estadio (Heats)
Sep 6 12h30 Estadio (Semi)
Sep 6 18h58 Estadio (Final)
Sep 5 21h10 Estadio (Heats)
Sep 6 11h05 Estadio (Semi)
Sep 6 20h19 Estadio (Final)
Sep 5 17h25 Estadio (Heats)
Sep 6 10h00 Estadio (Semi)
Sep 6 19h44 Estadio (Final)
200m Sep 7 18h50 Carranque (Heats)
Sep 9 10h45 Universidad (Semi)
Sep 9 17h55 Universidad (Final)
Sep 7 19h25 Universidad (Heats)
Sep 9 13h05 Universidad (Semi)
Sep 9 18h45 Universidad (Final)
Sep 7 12h00 Universidad (Heats)
Sep 9 11h55 Universidad (Semi)
Sep 9 18h20 Universidad (Final)
Sep 7 16h15 Universidad (Heats)
Sep 9 12h10 Universidad (Semi)
Sep 9 18h25 Universidad (Final)
Sep 7 16h50 Universidad (Heats)
Sep 9 12h25 Universidad (Semi)
Sep 9 18h30 Universidad (Final)
400m Sept 11 20h15 Carranque (Heats)
Sept 12 20h20 Universidad (Semi)
Sept 14 11h06 Universidad (Final)
Sept 11 16h30 Carranque (Heats)
Sept 12 19h05 Universidad (Semi)
Sept 14 10h36 Universidad (Final)
Sept 11 17h40 Carranque (Heats)
Sept 12 19h20 Universidad (Semi)
Sept 14 10h42 Universidad (Final)
Sept 11 18h05 Carranque (Heats)
Sept 12 19h30 Universidad (Semi)
Sept 14 10h48 Universidad (Final)
800m Sept 10 18h00 Carranque (Semi)
Sept 11 11h59 Carranque (Final)
1500m Sept 15 17h35 Estadio (Heats)
Sept 15 11h09 Estadio (Heats)
80mH Sept 14 13h00 Carranque (Heats)
Sept 14 09h00 Carranque (Semi)
Sept 14 12h50 Carranque (Final)
Sept 14 12h45 Carranque (Heats)
Sept 14 12h40 Carranque (Final)
HJ Sep 10 09h00 Carranque Sep 10 19h00 Universidad
LJ Sep 11 18h15 Carranque Sep 11 11h15 Carranque
JT Sep 11 17h45 Carranque