Kaba and Thomas find love at track

If you happened to wonder what some of the loud clapping and cheering from the infield at Terry Fox was all about Tuesday night, wonder no longer. Olympian Sekou Kaba got down on one knee and proposed to long term girlfriend and Lions coach Kashani Thomas. She said “Yes! Of course! Of course! Of course!” by the way.

It wasn’t quite what Thomas was expecting when she showed up early to practice for what she thought was a mini documentary about her coaching experience with friend and videographer Andrew Szeto.

Kaba had different plans, telling the camera, “Today we are proposing to Kashani Thomas,” Sekou continues, “It’s going to be amazing. Hopefully she says yes,” before breaking into laughter.

The pair met as teenagers during practice 10 years ago at the Dome @ Louis Riel. As Thomas describes it, she spotted him in the weight room, proceeded to walk up to him and ask, “Do you need a ride home? I know I don’t like know you or anything, but my mom can give you a drive home if you need a ride home.” The pair have been together ever since.

After she said yes, and hugs and kisses were shared, Thomas came to a realization. “What the heck Sekou? How am I supposed to coach now? I can’t coach them now,” as she wiped the tears of excitement from her eyes. Ever the supportive fiancé, Kaba simply retorted, “You have to.”

Congratulations to the happy couple from the entire Lions pride.