Dunkerley defies harsh conditions to place in Boston Marathon

Braving howling winds, unseasonable cold and lashing rain, Ottawa runner Jason Dunkerley finished third among visually impaired men competing in the Boston Marathon on Monday, his first time taking part in the prestigious race.

“I think it’s one of the coldest races I’ve done, for sure,” Dunkerley told CBC News by phone after the race.

Dunkerley finished third in the men’s visually impaired division with a time of 3:13:58. He was hoping to finish around 2:40 but the wet weather proved a difficult challenge for him and his guide, Rejean Chiasson.

Ecuador’s Luis Calo finished first at 2:48:01 followed by American runner Charles Davis at 2:56:22. Christopher White of Ontario finished fourth with a time of 3:26:11.

“It was cold and there was headwind most of the way coupled with the rain. Rejean and I were just pretty cold much of the way through. When you get cold like that and you’re running you kind of just tighten up and things don’t work as well,” Dunkerley said.

“It affects your overall race. Definitely, in a marathon it can have a pretty big effect.”

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