Notice to Members

Subsequent to recent media reports over the last two weeks, the Ottawa Lions Track and Field Club has received complaints from its membership of sexual harassment allegations against Ken Porter. These complaints have been referred to Athletics Canada Commissioner, Dr. Frank Fowlie, for review and investigation.

The Board of Directors has also had the opportunity to review the final report prepared by the investigator retained by the Club in response to complaints made to the Club as well as the report prepared by the investigator appointed by Athletics Canada into other complaints made directly to that body.

The Ottawa Lions Track and Field Club Board of Directors has determined that Ken Porter is in violation of the Club’s Statement of Expectations as well as the Athletics Canada and Athletics Ontario Code of Conduct and Ethics Policies.

The Ottawa Lions Track and Field Club Board of Directors herewith announces that Dr. Ken Porter’s affiliation with the Club has been permanently severed as result of the aforementioned violation of the Club’s By-laws and Statement of Expectations, this will include expulsion of Dr. Porter from having any future affiliation with the Ottawa Lions Track and Field Club.  

We want to assure all members that creating and maintaining a healthy, safe and secure sporting environment for all our athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers and employees is a top priority for our organization. Any actions that contravene our Statement of Expectations or Harassment Policy are incompatible with that environment and strictly prohibited.

As such, members are encouraged to contact the Club’s Ombudsperson if they are aware of any such actions. The Ombudsperson has been given the authority by the Board of Directors to investigate all complaints of violations of the Ottawa Lions Track and Field Club’s Statement of Expectations or Harassment Policy. If you wish to raise further matters with respect to Ken Porter please forward them to the Office of the Athletics Canada Commissioner [], which is the body to whom the Club is deferring in this particular case.